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Healthfulness is affected by our daily practices and our bodies reflect the choices that we make, with both positive and negative effects on our health. We teach our bodies how to adapt to stress, to repetitive motions at work, to scar tissue from injury, and to everyday aches and pains. Chiropractic care is more than just "bone cracking" and actually seeks to correct these imbalances.


Here at Overlook Chiropractic Clinic our focus is on an integrated approach to the human body in order to identify the root of the issue and to provide you with quality treatment using only the natural forces of healing: temperature, electricity, exercise & strengthening, traction, and massage.

Dr. Michael D Raeburn is proud to provide outstanding chiropractic care to the Overlook neighborhood and surrounding Portland areas.

At Overlook Chiropractic Clinic we have a highly trained staff who is ready to guide you through your health concerns from beginning to end. Whether you are suffering from recent or old automobile injuries, work- or sports-related injuries or if you simply have general health and wellness concerns, we will address your specific needs while helping you navigate the confusing world of insurance coverage.

It is our goal to provide support and education for our patients and each of their individual needs.

Remember your health is the most valuable thing you possess so if recurring pain or an injury is affecting your quality of life, please call us today to schedule your first visit.


We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of injuries and conditions affecting the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Whether you are suffering from acute trauma and chronic pain or you are seeking a better quality of life, we will use our knowledge and resources to build a treatment plan that is catered to your specific needs. Below you will find a partial list of conditions that can benefit from our care as well as a list of several treatment options we offer at the clinic.

Active Release Technique

This low-force approach is an alternative to the diversified adjustment and is preferred for several acute conditions and severe osteoporosis.


Massage Therapy

Massage is an amazing way to take care of yourself, whether to relieve stress, reduce chronic or sub-acute pain, or simply to treat yourself to the good things in life.

Custom Orthotics

We offer custom fit orthotics with Foot Levelers to provide optimal balance and postural support.

Therapeutic Exercise

Stimulation can be used to decrease pain, edema, inflammation and spasm. Most people find it to be a pleasant relaxing experience and meditate while it treats!​

Kinesio/Athletic Taping
We perform supportive athletic taping as well as performance enhancing Kinesio Taping. Proprioceptive taping is also quit beneficial and is referred to as SPRT taping.
Graston Technique
This therapy employs stainless steel tools of different shapes to locate and break up adhesions in the muscles and tendons. It is also a good method for performing soft tissue massage.
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I was raised in beautiful Bend Oregon where I learned to love all things outdoors and spending time with my family. After graduating high school I decided to move to Eugene where I spent the next several years doing concrete construction and eventually achieved the position of foreman for Eugene Sand and Gravel. Looking for a new challenge I decided to return to college where I had the opportunity to study abroad at Charles Stuart University in Wagga Wagga Australia for a year. After my time in Australia I spent several months traveling alone through South East Asia and then several more months as a ranch hand on a 20K acre sheep and cattle station in New Zealand.

Dr. Michael Raeburn

Doctor of Chiropractic, CCSP

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2064 N. Killingsworth St. 
Portland, OR 97217

 Tel: 503-719-7742 | Fax: 503-719-7571 




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Monday & Wednesday   9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

       Tuesday, Thursday & Friday      9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

                             Saturday & Sunday                                                                                CLOSED



Monday & Wednesday  10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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I've been going to chiropractors for years on and off, and what makes Dr. Raeburn different than any other I've been to is that he really takes a lot of time and makes sure he addresses all of my problems, and he doesn't try to get me to come in every day.  I go in every now and then when I have a pinched nerve in my back, and he always gets me straightened out.

-Hans L. 

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